Meet the winemaker

Rosie Fierro, Owner and Winemaker

I am Rosie Fierro, the owner and winemaker at Rosa Fierro Cellars.   Thank you for your interest in my winery!

I first fell in love with winemaking while volunteering in a tasting room in Livermore Valley, helping the winemaker make small batches of port in the garage.  In 2011, I took on my first big project, making 4 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon from Folkendt Estate Vineyard in Livermore.  I was totally hooked - I knew I wanted to make wine forever.

The next year, I began making my own wine at a custom-crush facility in Livermore, where I was lucky enough to work with some of the greatest winemakers in the Livermore Valley.  They became my mentors, encouraging me to make the highest quality wines possible, suggesting ways to add complexity to my wines and teaching me inventive ways to prepare for and deal with unforeseen challenges.  They taught me not to cut corners and to always aim for perfection.  Most of all, they taught me patience and persistence.  I was in awe of them.  As I watched each of them move on to bigger ventures, I knew I had to have my own winery too.

In 2014, I started Rosa Fierro Cellars, where I focus on making small quantities of high quality wines from Livermore Valley and Napa Valley.   


Winemaking Philosophy

My goal is to make big, bold beautiful wines with rich depth and complexity.   I begin in the vineyard, choosing and harvesting only the best quality fruit at peak ripeness. The fruit is hand picked according to my direction, crushed whole berry and cold soaked with dry ice for up to five days to intensify the color and body of the wine.  I use several different types of yeast to add depth and complexity to the wines. After initial fermentation, the wines go through an extended maceration to extract rich colors, aromas and flavors.  The wines are gently pressed directly to barrel, where they are stirred on the lees for several months during and after secondary fermentation.  They are patiently aged in French, American and/or Hungarian oak, depending on the varietal, until they are ready for bottling.  The wines are aged in the bottle for several months to several years before release.


Owner and winemaker, Rosie Fierro, laying on the lees on the bottom of a stainless steel tank after racking wine. 

Owner and winemaker, Rosie Fierro, laying on the lees on the bottom of a stainless steel tank after racking wine. 

My Wine Labels

Next to wine, my second passion in life is photography, and you can always find me with a camera in hand.  Naturally, I love taking photos of the winemaking process. 

The first time I racked my 2011 Cabernet, I noticed the unique patterns left by the wine lees on the bottom of the round stainless steel tank.  I snapped a few photos, which I edited with filters to pull out the color and texture and my friends loved them.  I began taking photos of the tanks each time I racked.  Each racking left a new unique pattern - it's own individual stamp.  I also found that when you pulled the smaller holding tanks outside into the sun, you could capture more intense colors, patterns and unique reflections on the bottoms of the tanks.  I loved the circular pattern and the reflections on the stainless steel from the sun combined with the lees gave me a fiery, unique and interesting image.  These are the images I use as my wine labels.